Meet Misha

When you meet Misha please understand her job was to focus on me and she looks for my approval with excitement realizing this new territory is acceptable for pups to smell her and for her to receive pets from people. It warms my heart to see her seek your attention and figure out how cool it is to interact with other pups.

Misha is my shadow, my loyal protector, and my savior.

My intentions with her were originally for us to be involved with warming hearts in hospice as a therapy dog. Before her, I never purchased a pet. Having a farm in South Florida many species seemed to have found me as their lasting forever home.

We were beginning her journey into becoming certified when I was injured on my snowmobile bursting my L1 in 2018. After surgery and a month of hospitalization, she joined me in my physical therapy routines daily before being released to home care. Working hard to walk again we conquered the walker, crushed the cane to occasionally loosing my balance. Which honestly I was always more graceful on a horse than my own two feet.

Now, my gift to her for a job well done is to be a pup again. I encourage her to play well with others, get pets from people, and to let her authentic silly Shepherd self Shine.